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Discover Video's 2015 View From The Top

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Discover Video is among the top companies for several reasons. First, the DV team has been delivering enterprise video streaming solutions since 1997. We have extensive experience in providing live and on-demand video streaming technology for mission critical applications.

Discover Video is growing over 100% a year by providing first class enterprise video solutions for businesses, schools (K12 and High Ed), and government. DEVOS, a SM Top 3 Education Video Platform, is being used for a wide variety of streaming applications including lecture capture, online training, IPTV, and event webcasts.

The key to Discover Video’s success is the ecosystem it has developed. Customers use the powerful Streamsie software® for live encoding and streaming from desktops and mobile devices. They deploy DEVOS for full live and on-demand video delivery and they display content on desktops, mobile devices, Smart TV’s and Roku boxes. DEVOS includes unlimited Digital Signage, showing live and recorded content, images, PowerPoint slides, and live news.

The comprehensive ecosystem includes live encoding, server-side transcoding, broadcasting live video from iPhone/iPads, automatic Priority Alert™ that opens video broadcasts on unattended desktops, digital signage, in-line questions and testing, unicast and multicast delivery, built-in server clustering for virtually unlimited scale, as well as hybrid premises/cloud options, and a world-class interface that can be optioned for Flash or HTML5.

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