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Discover LEXI 3.0: The Future of Automatic Captioning

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GET READY TO EXPERIENCE LEXI 3.0—the world’s most advanced and accurate automatic captioning solution. Trusted by leading live streamers and broadcasters worldwide, this new and improved version of Ai-Media’s flagship captioning solution leverages the power of AI to deliver results rivalling human captions, at a fraction of the cost.

LEXI 3.0 boasts an average accuracy of 98.7% and delivers revolutionary features like automated speaker identification and AI-powered caption placement to avoid interference with on-screen visuals.

All this makes LEXI 3.0 the perfect solution to cost-effectively ensureaccessibility compliance. Plus, LEXI 3.0 can live translate in over 30 languages.


One of the keys to LEXI 3.0’s accuracy is its unique Topic Models—otherwise known as a custom dictionary. Powered by AI, this feature greatly improves automatic caption accuracy by allowing LEXI 3.0 to recognize unusual or domain-specific words, phrases, names, and context.

A Topic Model consists of text-training data such as common phrases expected to be heard during the audio program, proper nouns, and pronunciation clues for any new words. When this data is entered into a Topic Model, LEXI 3.0’s ASR engine learns to produce terms correctly when it “hears” them, through the power of AI.


By combining LEXI 3.0 with Ai-Media’s Falcon encoder, you can get a fully cloud, self-service platform that makes captioning your RTMP/S streams a breeze.

The budget-friendly Falcon is available through a f lexible subscription and is compatible with all major live streaming platforms, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live Events, Twitch, IBM Video Streaming, and many more. Plus, no hardware is necessary, as everything you need is available in the cloud.


If you’re looking for an end-to-end captioning solution that’s not only secure and cost-efficient, but also leverages streamlined, resilient IP workflows, you can combine LEXI 3.0 with Ai-Media’s cloud-based, API-powered iCap Alta IP encoder. Boasting SRT support, iCap Alta ensures the highest-quality video streams over unpredictable networks. And it works with popular live IP production standards like MPEG Transport Stream, SMPTE-2110, and CDI.

For a limited time, trial LEXI 3.0 with FREE LEXI hours!*

Visit https://www.ai-media.tv/lexi-asr for more information or contact lexi@ai-media.tv to get started and receive your FREE LEXI 3.0 hours, today.

*Terms and conditions apply.

About Ai-Media

Ai-Media is a vertically integrated media technology company that can serve all your needs in captioning, transcription, and translation.

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