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CEO Interview: Richard Oesterricher, Streaming Global

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen: I'm Streaming Media editor Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, and I'm catching up today with Streaming Global CEO Richard Oesterreicher. Richard, can you briefly explain what Streaming Global does?

Richard Oesterreicher: Streaming Global is a media technology company that has invented and patented a re-imagined media delivery pipeline that solved the three major pain points plaguing the streaming industry, namely the high cost of delivery, the lack of reliability at scale, and the long latency times and delays that we all experience with streaming.

Schumacher-Rasmussen: There has been lots of discussion in the industry about how much money media companies have spent to get a streaming service to market. The lion's share of those dollars is in content acquisition, but there is also a significant investment required for reliable delivery at scale. Can Streaming Global's delivery pipeline help on the cost of delivery, while still maintaining reliability at scale?

Oesterreicher: Streaming Global's technology was designed to deliver media reliably, for individuals on mobile devices, all the way up to World Cup Final- or Super Bowl-sized audiences on any screen type. So Streaming Global can support tens of millions of simultaneous or concurrent viewers without the need to throw additional infrastructure at the problem just to maintain reliability. Because Streaming Global eliminated transcode processing for standard ingest, we can help any media provider achieve near-zero latency at any scale while materially reducing the cost of delivery by as much as 60% when compared to conventional streaming. With less servers, companies can also reduce their capital expenditure and positively impact the environment, because less cooling and less electricity is needed.

Schumacher-Rasmussen: What type of companies can benefit from a technology like this?

Oesterreicher: Any media company that wants to lower their cost so they can improve the economics of their business. We've also seen media companies partnering with sports books for the sports betting use case in the last year and significant growth in REMI or remote production industrywide. In addition, the music industry is looking to add live streams of performances in different ways for their artists' offerings.

Schumacher-Rasmussen: What type of impact will Streaming Global have on these industries?

Oesterreicher: First and foremost, cost savings. Streaming Global can enable a media company to increase their investment in content rights or acquisition, as you mentioned, or have that material cost savings drop straight to the bottom line in financial results. Second is performance. Obviously, there's been a lot of discussion about the need for near-zero latency for many reasons from contribution streams to the sports betting use case. Lastly, we're seeing interest from the music industry as they evaluate how to leverage streaming to make up for that dramatic revenue shortfall caused by the concert and tour industry shutting down during this pandemic.

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