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Beamr - View From The Top 2016

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Content Adaptive Technology is the heart of next-gen encoding and optimization solutions.

The story of Beamr began seven years ago after a large consumer technology company told me that my proposal of moving their customer’s photos and videos to the cloud was impractical due to storage cost. Having spent my career building digital media technologies, beginning with the earliest days of H.264, I theorized there had to be a way to reduce the size of block-based coded files, without introducing artifacts.

Beamr was founded as a result of our research that led to the development of a perceptual quality measure. This quality measure is unique as it operates in a closed loop, per frame, resulting in the purest application of content adaptive technology available commercially. And I am proud to report that we have 20 patents granted with more than 30 pending.

The market is validating the need for fresh encoding approaches since a digital distributor whether a pure play OTT, MSO or new media publisher can no longer fall back on age-old encoding profiles which always fall short when compared to content adaptive encoding solutions. As a result, Beamr sees significant pent-up demand for improved encoding architectures that can adapt seamlessly to the needs of every video asset in the library.

To address this market need, Beamr acquired a well-known video technology company, Vanguard Video in April 2016. Vanguard Video has supplied HEVC and AVC encoder and decoder SDK’s to some of the largest and best-known companies in the broadcast, streaming, and OEM markets for the last fifteen years. As a result of this acquisition, Beamr is delivering on the promise to deliver an encoder that is guaranteed to produce the highest video quality possible in the smallest file size for Live and VOD applications.

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