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Akamai Technologies—Executive Predictions 2019

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In the year ahead, the online video industry will continue to make strides toward reducing latency and improving scalability. Streaming services will capitalize on emerging technologies and standards to reduce live streaming latency, bringing it on par with linear TV.

Scalability will remain an important priority for content providers. As online viewing experiences significant growth, Akamai will continue to develop ways to deliver content more efficiently. Edge networks, in particular, will be crucial in helping to transition streaming functions away from the congested core of the Internet, enabling content to be delivered from as close to end users as possible.

Additionally, as OTT providers move to centralized cloud platforms to realize compute and storage efficiencies, their content libraries will continue to grow, raising challenges and costs related to cloud delivery of that content. Mitigating these challenges and lowering these costs will be priorities in 2019, which we aim to meet through high origin offload using Akamai Cloud Wrapper.

After what has been a record-setting 2018 for the online video industry, the future looks bright as the industry works to serve unprecedented global audiences who expect their content anytime, anywhere, on any device.


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