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2021 Will Be a Year of Endless Innovations

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What a year 2020 was. Last year not only expedited the streaming industry but also reshaped what it means to be virtual. COVID-19 has challenged our world in unimaginable ways, and by adjusting to the new way of life, society has introduced new creations, innovations, and technologies. People have been getting online check-ups from their doctors, hosting online calls for Thanksgiving, and going to church on the web. From OTT expansion to online conferences and entertainment, the streaming industry has similarly adjusted to the virtual world demanded by society in efforts of social distancing.

In general, we are expecting growth in content in addition to the existing spike in online video. While we progress out of the pandemic, individuals will continue to create and distribute content specifically through linear channels. In the streaming industry, the new content, therefore, demands creative alternatives for monetization. Whether content distributors start using QR codes for donations or rolling tickers for marketing, monetization methods will increase in accordance with the growth of content. While traditional video advertisements will continue to be in use, society will push towards more interactive and creative systems.?

We also expect 5G networks to change the streaming workflow significantly by making content creation more accessible, flexible, scalable, and independent. The innovative option to use cellular data rather than existing internet providers allows for a wider variety of more content.

Next, big cloud services will start having to face startups with disruptive business models. Coronavirus has challenged society and thus has sparked creativity in new business models. These new startups will potentially become competitors for larger cloud services that may be growing old due to the changes in societal norms.

In 2020 the unexpected occurred, but this year of 2021 will lead to unimaginable and endless innovations.


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