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nanocosmos: 2017 Online Video Industry Predictions

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I need low latency for live video—but the Flash player is gone—how can I solve this?

Live video is getting interactive, which requires bidirectional communication with low latency. Live streamed auctions or bets, or video chat, depend and require latency below 1 or 2 seconds for an approved buyer experience. How can we guarantee low latency playback?

With the RTMP protocol used in Flash-based web players, latencies around two seconds were possible. Flash is dying, and only HLS and DASH are remaining as HTTP-based protocols. They cannot deliver the same performance for live streams. Latencies of H.264 GOP is usually of two seconds or more, overall resulting in 10-30 seconds or more due to additional segmentation. Additionally, latency will increase for network dropouts and instabilities. Interactive applications can not work under these conditions. Thus, a more “intelligent” delivery format is required to keep the latency low independent from constraints like GOP lengths. RTMP is still a valid and suitable technology for low-latency high-quality live video transmission. WebRTC as a real-time communication technology promoted by Google is valid for live communication and also broadcast, but CDN and vendor support (like Apple) is missing.

To respond to our customers' need for low latency use-cases, we invented the plugin-free nanoStream H5Live technology. This is a client-server delivery and playback solution based on HTML5 technologies, allowing it to achieve low latency browser-based playout on all web browsers, without any installation necessary. The streaming protocol is similar to HLS and DASH, but with a modified workflow to enable true low latency live streaming applications for the web. Our end-to-end streaming solution adapts to different streaming environments.

nanocosmos has been providing customized video solutions since 1998. Our nanoStream products enable live encoding, streaming and playback, cross-platform on any device. We deliver end-to-end live streaming solutions for your brand—from the camera to the viewer.

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