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Why Discovery Is Key to OTT Success

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Miguel Rodrigues: If you need to bet on something, it's definitely discovery. If you look at these types of services, they're not they're not done in a way that you are always gonna have the top thing that everyone's talking about. You're not gonna have that. So the whole discussion is, how do you make sure that people will discover that content--like you guys were saying, how do I keep people engaged on this from one week to the next? And so I think understanding what's trending, understanding what's personal for you because you watch something, understanding if you're a super sci-fi fan so we've just added these five movies that you're really gonna love. And then when you go into an asset, actually having the links you're mentioning here--how do you have something like x-ray, how do you pick up from this one asset that I've just watched?

How do I then go to the next asset that I might love? Because I just watched something that was about superheroes or something like that. So I do believe that, in a service like this, that was already important. And you look at Netflix and guys like that spend millions on this. But if you look at where your bets are on more longtail content, then you live and die for the discovery that you do. You might have an amazing catalog, but if people don't realize that and you know it's in the bottom and you need to dig for it, you're gonna lose customers just because they're not exposed to it.

So I think if you need to make your bets, services like this live and die based on how good your discovery is and how well you can push that content and the best that you have to the top.

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