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What Makes VR and AR Compelling for Producers and Viewers?

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James Payne: What I really love about VR is just being fully immersed in that realm, whereas, currently, the traditional 16:9 fixed frame, whoever is producing that really gets to direct the attention and where the viewer is looking. But with VR, the viewers themselves get more control. They can take a look around, they get to choose kind of what part of the story they get to see and understand further.

Jay Nemeth: With a traditional production, you have a director who's choosing what you're experience will be and in some ways that's good, because the director may have insights into certain things-- when the guitar solo is gonna happen or when a key event would happen in a sporting event. But if you're gonna transport the viewer to that location and be there, it should be the same experience as standing on the edge, watching a parade or... You know, I think the thing is, it's not, at least for me, to just get them in the front row at a concert is not enough because you can have that experience already just by purchasing a ticket in the front row. But what experience can you give the viewer that they can't get otherwise? Maybe it's flying in a space capsule, or maybe it's standing on the stage right next to the lead singer, surrounded by the drum riser and the guitars and the dancers. That's an experience that they couldn't have otherwise.

Scott Gillies: I agree with all of those things, I wouldn't try to top that. But I think for me, just to talk about AR, I really am most excited, probably, about AR. I think entertainment is for sure the driving force and, where I think, a lot of the investment initially went, but with the progress and technology, I think, and education, even in videos and demonstrations, being able to visualize something, you know, I'll just pick. I just saw a video recently where they took the Saturn V rocket, they showed the entire scale of the rocket, they showed you each stage and how it came apart, and what the purpose and steps of the mission were, which really a hard thing's to understand from just seeing historical video, right? So this allowed a really great model in a space that you could visualize and had a volume that you could get the perspective of the heights and what the blastoff looks like. To me that's really where I think these things are going. I'm also really enjoy the in-game experience. There have been a number of companies who've been trying to allow observers to be inside of the graphical scene of a video game, and I really was just blown away by the thought of conceptually being inside, watching the players go by or the characters go by in a certain scene. If I were in the game I wouldn't know where the heck to go in there, but there is an audience who knows where to stake things out, where to go and to observe, so these kinds of things are, what I think are the most exciting are the things to come.

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