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What Is True Cloud and How Is It Changing Streaming?

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Jon Finegold: Just over the last couple years, we've seen sort of a new framework emerge which we're calling True Cloud. So let's talk a little bit about what that looks like and what that means.

So first thing, back then Early Cloud was basically only Amazon. We've got Google and Microsoft coming on the scene and creating lots of interesting AI services and new media-specific services that you can get from those guys. Lots of technology that makes it so you could leverage cloud technology but in your own data center.

So with private cloud becoming an important thing as well, we're really moving from what was once a pure AWS world to a really a hybrid cloud, multicloud world. And I think we're seeing that as a really important tenant in media. So it went from, what I say like custom complex tightly integrated workflows to much more loosely coupled, event driven workflows to create more agility. So you can plug and play those new services a lot more easily. That's certainly a trend in the True Cloud era.

Cloud-native--when we launched our first SaaS product, back in 2012, the term "Cloud-native" was not well understood. It was misused a lot. I think that term is now well-understood and used much more consistently across the industry. I think helps vendors and buyers, you know, communicate about the value-prop a lot more easily. I think we've moved from custom solutions to off-the-shelf multi-tenant SaaS, so you know,

In early days it was like, "Well, let's take the software that we're currently running on-prem, let's load it up into VM, and we'll call that cloud." There are a lot of challenges with that, and not a lot of benefit. I think the move to off-the-shelf multi-tenant SaaS creates a lot of economic value to talk about in a minute.

And then finally, the business models. I think early was not well understood, certainly things, people have been surprised by like ESBs, and I think just understanding different costs and economics, and you have software vendors who are charging for things in certain ways, and then compounding that with your Amazon bills, and I think we've gotten much clearer commercial frameworks now that are not only much more well understood, but they don't align well with business value, and with specific media workflows, so I think all of those things have been positive trends.

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