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What Are the Hottest KPIs in OTT Today?

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Anthony Layser: I speak everyday, multiple calls with our different content partners and for me, there's really two things that I'm focused on. Number one is I'm consistently keeping a rolling 90-day dashboard that I look at, two things mainly for my part of the business which is, hours per day, which is the amount each channel averages per day in total engagement and then average session time.

And so, when I talk with our different content partners around strategy, it's always, "What can we do to buoy those KPIs?"

Now, as we have more natively integrated devices go into the market, they are sort of a rising tide that lifts all boats, but there's certainly ways we found to accelerate that growth. You know, for a long time we had a channel lineup that had a lot of shortform partners. Folks like Funny or Die, Tastemade, Refinery29. When initially were starting out and what we discovered as 95% of our audience is watching on a smart TV is surprise, surprise people wanna watch TV formats.

And so over the last couple years we sort of started transforming our channel lineup. We still have shorter-form partners and brands, and many of which can perform well on our platform but we definitely found a real focus on TV catalogs, movie catalogs,

Erick's company has been great at aggregating some of that into specific brands so that folks know exactly what they are getting. We've a brand called Docurama, that's all a catalog of great documentaries. They curate a channel called "Con TV" that tends to be a little bit more sort of geeky, convention audience.

Those types of channels and tight curation looking at hours watched per day and sessions times as you're programming out these linear channels. Those tend to be the main things that I'm focused on.

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