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Video: Why Haven't We Implemented Industry-Wide Anti-Piracy?

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Stephen Miller-Jones: I'm a service provider, so we work with our customers to help distribute their content in a secure way to end-users, and there are a number of technologies that are either in the request and response flow, in the http side, cause headers and media vault, tokenization, all the geo-pieces, which are straightforward. And then there are all the options that go on top of that.

So, when we're delivering the stream, do we want to encrypt it? And which format should we use, and, you know, so on and so on, or do we want to use watermarking? Are we going to do that following the SVA guidelines, for example, or working with our partners, so we have some implementations of that in the edge of the network, so we can do the watermarking and the manifest manipulations.

I think if I step back a few years, I remember seeing, um working, with some potential customers and looking at contracts they had and there was basically a list of "You will have one of these items, one or more of these items" which were: tokenization (it was RTMP still at the time), so tokenization, swift verification, RTMPD, geo-blocking, and encryption. It was like, "Okay, I'm going to take the two easiest. You do those."

When it arrives on my table--which is way after the discussion on the rights, ownership and the distribution timescales, and the windows, and the "What should we do in the rights contract?"--I have a bunch of tick boxes, you know, I'll throw blockchain in there for good fun, but don't know why it's useful here.

But I think it comes to us with a choice. From my perspective, our aim (and from a product perspective) our aim at Limelight is to introduce services that are really oriented at being able to be implemented as a standard rather than a million and five different ways of doing things. Because, of course, I can't do something differently every single time.

It's a very heavy development overhead to take, unless we build microservices that people can use themselves, which is also another product structure that we're following. Here is our series of products and services that can be configured, managed, and utilized to protect content in the way that it's described, that the distributor wants to follow.

So, we approach it that way. We get a lot of requests for different things. DRM encryption was a big request for us I'd say, 2016-2017, and 2017 through 18 we've begun to see more requests for watermarking. So, it does go in waves.

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