Video: What's the Difference Between Machine Learning and AI?

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Andy Beach: AI has become the new version of 3D. It's the magic powder that gets sprinkled into all marketing decks. At IBC, I felt like that was definitely a thing. Everybody had to have an AI story. I think if you start to differentiate between the two words, AI most often gets used for some sort of trained model or service that someone's using to do something, and machine learning is more of a true resource that they may be applying into a given service. Again, that's a very loose term, but there's a lot of different ways to use it, but the more and more I see people talking about it, the more that's the differentiation between those two ways of using the terms.

AI is someone else's. ML is a platform or ML is a service that I'm going to go use, and then the ML is a little more of a raw data acquisition and churn process.

Ethan Dreilenger: AI is a tool in a box to be used and applied in specific spots, specific use cases, to help you get to a solution. AI by itself, I'm unaware of a spot in the media space where AI is a solution to a problem. It's a path to a solution to the problem, and I think that's the biggest misconception is people think that they're going to take an AI solution, plug it in, and solve their problems. What they're going to be able to do is understand the path to a problem resolution because AI is going to help go through datasets and point out anomalies and some other stuff along those lines that will get you to that path to a conclusion, but think about AI is a tool, same as an editor, same as a code base, same as whatever else you're doing. It's just one more tool in the box to be used.

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