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Video: What is the Biggest Driver for Live Streaming Growth?

Matthew Durgin of LG Electronics, Brenton Ough of Touchstream, and Noam Geri of Giraffic discuss which markets are currently driving (and slowing) live streaming growth in this panel at Live Streaming Summit.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Noam Geri, Giraffic: There is obviously a growing buzz with regard to live streaming, but experts are still saying it's still not mature enough for mainstream, for prime time. My question for the panelists is, what do you see as the main driver for live streaming adoption and growth?

Brenton Ough, Touchstream: Sports is probably the primary thing that's driving live streaming. I think, basically, anything that is actually live. Sports is very live. News is pretty live, and some breaking events. There's not really much point in live streaming movies.

Movies are great for VOD. Netflix is great for that. But live streaming is very much about things that are live.

I've heard a lot of people say things like, “I just want to watch some TV,” and they've got a Netflix subscription and they don't want to have to think about what they want or have to try and find. I don't know the channels here very well, but let’s say they like CBS or something like that. If there is a CBS live stream, they would watch that, because it's kind of like curated content and it's something fresh.

Matthew Durgin, LG: To me it’s sports, because of the window effect. There is only one window [for watching it]. The other windows put doubt onto this term called Live TV, because some content owners are still releasing their content on this weekly schedule, you're going to get one hour a week and some weeks you're not going to get it and this is contrasted with, say what Netflix is doing with their original content, just opening up the entire season right away, watch as fast as you can watch it.

So the question, to me, with live non-sports content is, will the windows shift in the majority of the consumers’ minds where they're not going to feel like Walking Dead at 9 p.m. eastern time on Sundays is the window for them to watch Walking Dead, or will just just just watch the entire season when AMC opens it up for binge-watching.


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