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Video: What New Content Management and QA Challenges Does HDR Create?

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Theron Trowbridge: Handling HEVC and even HEVC with HDR, for the most part, is relatively straightforward. That's not a huge challenge--especially with HDR10, it’s pretty straightforward. That seems to be getting the most traction in the industry. Dolby Vision adds a whole other layer to that, which has tremendous results, but it makes it much more difficult to deal with, just more challenging, not difficult.

But there are extra things to think about. The encoding piece becomes easy; it's the content management that becomes difficult. And you have to worry about what color space is this, where's my white point, and what transfer function was used. So you have to know a lot more about the content that's coming in and how to handle it properly so you don't make it suddenly it's all red, and the user ends up seeing something that wasn't intended in the first place. So it's much easier to screw things up with HDR than it is with any other combination.

Dror Gill: Right, and you really need to view the visual in a new way. You need to QA it. I know that in our company we have developing codecs for many years, but now HDR comes in, and we need to buy a brand new TV set that supports HDR, and that's only HDR10, and then Dolby Vision comes in, and you need another TV set, and this year, HLG came from out of nowhere, and it seems that it's capturing a lot of attention at least because of its backward compatibility with SDR, so then we had to buy the new LG OLED 2017 models because they're the only ones that support HLG, HDR10, and Dolby Vision at the same time. So we try to keep up. Personally, I'm not replacing my TV in my home until things settle down. But in the office we have no choice so we keep upgrading.

Theron Trowbridge: By the time things settle down, we'll be talking about 8K.

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