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Video: What Kind of Advertising Works Best in Live Streams?

In this excerpt from a panel at Live Streaming Summit, Young Turks CBO discusses the pros and cons of multiple ad insertion options in live-streamed content.

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Read a complete transcript of Oh's remarks in this clip:

Steven Oh: There are two kinds of live streams. One is a scheduled live stream where it's predictable and, say, at 10 AM on Tuesdays there's a live stream. You can very quickly get a very predictable number of viewers for that. Then, there are live streams for special events--maybe a concert, maybe a debate, election night coverage, those kinds of things. For those numbers usually spike.

The way you promote it, the way you drive tune-in is through social media. You advertise, or rather, you send out tweets, you put out Facebook posts, you can make a YouTube video announcing an upcoming live stream. You do all these things to drive those numbers. In terms of value, I agree that having either logo placement, or host call-out, during a live stream to an engaged audience is significantly more powerful than some kind of pre-roll ad that most people are going to either skip or not pay attention to. It's just background noise. You don't even notice it anymore and pre-rolls are getting there too.

It's just a matter of time before advertisers say, "This is not working, we're not going to do it anymore." The reason why advertisers still advertise, both these pre-rolls and also on television, is that there's an infrastructure that's already built or a bunch of people are making money based on that infrastructure staying whether it's actually working or not is a totally different matter.

Until that goes away, we're going to continue to have those kinds of ads. We're in the very early stages of live streaming becoming a monetizable commodity but the future is with live streaming advertising.

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