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Video: What Is Women in Streaming Media?

Watch Diane Strutner's Content Delivery Summit Fireside Chat, Data, Delivery & the User Experience, on the Streaming Media Conference Video Portal.

Read the complete transcript from this video:

Alicia Pritchett: I am Alicia Pritchett and I serve as the president of Women in Streaming Media, I'm also one of the founders amongst four women including Diane and two others, Sangeeta Ramakrishnan and Peggy Dau. And, really, Women in Streaming Media started in 2017. We actually started out right after IBC in 2017, and so we're kind of getting the wheels cranking on everything and then we decided to have our inaugural meetup at IBC 2018. So we put on what's called "But First Coffee," we had, I don't know, about 100 women sign up, and then after that in September of 2018, we actually elected officers, we gained our non-profit status, and began on our goals.

Our goals are sort of threefold.

  1. We want to promote and increase diversity amongst women.
  2. We want to provide women with greater visibility, in this area of technology and in the streaming sector.
  3. We want to offer women opportunities to really expand their careers within tech. So, we've really done a great job over the last 6 months.

We've grown to about, I think we're at about 525 women right now. And we have really partnered with organizations like Streaming Media, like the NAB, like Grace Hopper and IBC.

So, all of the major streaming industries and streaming conferences we've partnered with so that we can make sure that women have more visibility when it comes to keynotes, to podcasts. We want to make sure that we're educating women on streaming media technology and we want to make sure that we're pairing you up with mentors for the difficult conversations that we all face in our day-to-day lives, and just so you can have a transparent community where you can really talk and share and just advance your career.

So, that's what we are about. We are so excited to be able to just connect with more women and we want people to spread the word, get connected with us. The best way to really get connected is to reach out to one of us on LinkedIn and connect, and then we can get you a personal invite to our Women in Streaming Media LinkedIn group. Or, you can just go and request to sign up. More than likely we will probably still reach out to get connected, cause we want to know what you, sort of what you're intent is around getting involved in the organization. We want people that are really active. So, that's a little bit of it.

Diane Strutner: Half of this is we want everyone to be involved. This is a community effort for everyone to come together and support the growth of women in this space, and I think we'd all like it if there was a little more of the other people in this room as well.

Alicia Pritchett: And so one last thing too. We are very inclusive of men. We want to make sure that, you know, men are just as important in the conversation around diversity and inclusion, and we don't feel like we can make the advances that we need to make without having those conversations with men. So, we welcome men to sort of come to our meetups. We try to have a man that is impactful in the streaming industry to be a part of each of our events, to make sure they can give input and help us reach our goals. So, definitely men get on board. Join, you know, come and talk to us and figure out how we can work together. We just want to create a better future for women.

Diane Strutner: Or how you might increase some diversity programs at your companies.

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