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Video: What Emerging Technologies Will Drive the Future of Education Video?

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Christopher Martin (University of Pennsylvania): In the future of education, do you think there are any trends coming up that we should be looking for, or any new technologies that you think you would consider implementing in the next year or two years?

Gary San Angel (University of Southern California): Totally, NDI! Go to the NewTek guy that's right out there. I'm serious. The Network Device Interface that NewTek is doing right now is absolutely phenomenal, and for universities, it’s the ability to be able to use our networks that are already robust and have a huge infrastructure. It's set up so it doesn't fail, because everybody needs to be online. If we can utilize that network as a two-way street for cameras, for somebody who's going to run the graphics of your live stream, and to divvy up, that is very, very powerful. I'm really excited about that.

Rob Rasberry (Drexel University): The 360 arena, starting with 360 video and being able to immerse yourself and see a different view or angle of whatever content you're doing. Beyond that, VR and augmented reality seem to be very, very promising.

I was at a conference a couple of months ago and there was an elementary school teacher who had incorporated virtual reality into his curriculum. Basically, what he said is, “It's one thing for a student to see a regular video or look at a book about a place, and it's a whole other thing when you put on the goggles and actually be there, whether it's a historical battle or something like that. There's something about it that just makes a student just absorb and learn better.”

I'm very curious, and I really think that that technology is going to play a higher role. I mean, just looking at molecules in 3D or going through some vast architectural wonder and seeing every aspect--it's got great possibilities.

Gary San Angel: I think it’s the idea of creating empathy. In the medical school, they're looking at that too because of the idea of creating empathy for the homeless and then you are able to really understand the other side. I think it's very powerful.

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