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Video: The Three Keys to Reducing Churn

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Jason Thibeault: You may have had some expectations about coming here and going, "I'm gonna get some really cool tips and tricks about how to keep viewers engaged. Like, things I should do in my app or things I should do in my video content to keep people excited about coming back." And, no. Those are gimmicks. What I was trying to teach you was, it's not about this stuff. It's not about the cool things that you can do. It's the things that you can do right now today to get people to watch your video more often and watch more of it.

And the way to do that is to improve those things that I just went over. Because what I'm giving you is the dam to prevent your subscribers from flowing to your competitors. And the way you do that, is these three things: Tailor content to your user. Give them what they want. If that's niche? Give them niche. Reinvent your business if it's demand, if your users are demanding vertical approach. You have to be willing to do that. Build an experience. Make it awesome.

That's really what you wanna do, is visually engaging, exciting ... You know there's all sorts of design books you can read and you can experience about sort of the feng shui of application development. But the experience of clicking and tapping and swiping is important. And really good companies like Netflix and Prime know that. And they hire people to do that because they understand that that has a meaningful impact to abandonment and churn.

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