Video: The Challenge of OTT Personalization

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Mark Tubinis: One of the things that we've seen as a trend in the industry is that the pay TV providers are going from being aggregators of channels to really being aggregators of streaming services.

When it comes down to multiplying the amount of data that you're dealing with, you're not only dealing with content that you're originating, but you're now dealing with federated content coming from all the other streaming services as well. So you've got these multiple data sets and sources on the content side. You clearly have information that's coming from your systems about how is the user interacting with your service.

You've got information coming from the actual supply side on the ad side, and you've got information that's coming from how people are actually discovering your content, and all that information has got to be captured. This is really fine-grained information.

When it comes down to it, you think about the user interaction information that you get from your clients and you'll know how long, what the journey's like for your customers to go find that piece of content that they're really looking for. That information is key-click by key-click, and it comes rushing into your system every day.

The other thing is that all of these data sources are expanding at this exponential rate, so the information continues to go up. The amount of content that you have to treat is going up substantially. So you may have libraries with two, 300,000 titles that you have to be able to manage, and those titles are actually being converted to multiple formats in order to get them to the multiplicity of devices you want to reach. And a lot of this is realtime-based.

So how the heck can you create a personalized experience when you've got torrents of data that you have to look at and make decisions about in order to make sure that customer is getting what they want, when they want it and where they want it at any time?

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