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Video: The Case for Edge Cloud Delivery

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Simon Wistow: The cloud offered the scalability, this elasticity, which was great, and you didn't have to have these big data centers, you didn't have to have machines lying around unused because you're waiting to be hit by traffic spikes or anything.

The big problem with the Cloud, this central Cloud, is that it's built around the model of big data centers. They're kind of few and far between. You've got US east and US west, you've got a couple in Europe and stuff like that. They're still quite a long way away from the users.

In the same way that made sense to move a bunch of the logic from your origin, so there's not to the client, it also makes sense to move a bunch of your logic out further out towards the edge. This is where we come in. We allow customers to move stuff from their origin servers, move the logic much closer to the browser, while still being in a trustworthy cohesive environment.

What our customers can do is, they can do everything from load balancing, they can do geographic load balancing. The customer comes in, it comes in to one of our San Jose hub. We can also actually route them to US west rather than US east. If you were trying to do that geographic load balancing back in your origin, the customer would have to travel all the way back to your primary data center, which might be thousands of miles away from them to get the logic to say, "Oh actually, you were better off on the west coast to start off with."

You can do secure to the edge. When you move stuff like WAF or TLS terminations to the edge, it means that everything is happening much closer to the user and you don't have to have that capacity back at your origin.

There's ad delivery. There's a whole bunch of stuff that you can move the logic to the edge, things like token authentication, things like AB testing, things like little bits of logic which you can handle at the edge, which means that you don't have to have this logic back at your origin server. It means you can cash more and it means your site is a lot faster and it loads a lot quicker. There is so much information out there about the effect that latency and page low speed has on your bottom line; think of your bounce rates, your advertising rates, your conversion rates.

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