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Video: Streaming Super Bowl LIII

Learn more about sports streaming and multi-CDN delivery at Streaming Media's next event.

Watch the complete video of this presentation from Streaming Media West, Streaming Super Bowl LIII, in the Streaming Media Conference Video Portal.

Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Zac Shenker: CBS gets the Super Bowl every three years, but this is the first time we're doing it with the multi-CDN setup. We're getting to a level now where, with the Super Bowl and other big events that we do, as more and more users are switching their viewership of big events to digital online streaming offerings, there is no one single CDN that can effectively handle the traffic volumes.

We've been active on planning and preparation for Super Bowl for almost a year now. It's really important that we have a lot of redundancy options that we also have the operational visibility in there to really know what's actually going on with all of the components of the workflow. With everything from signal acquisition and encoding, distribution on the CDNs, the Cloud origins that we're using up to five CDNs. There are a lot of moving pieces when you're running a workflow like that. There's a lot of work that we're doing to try and collect as much metrics and log data from all the different systems that we can.

Trying to build centralized dashboards, so that we have close to real-time visibility on what's going on, and then understand and then have well-documented run books of all the possible failover options, which sometimes is things that maybe you don't expect as much. We've had March Madness events where we've had problems with DNS providers. There are lots of pieces in the workflow. We really have to consider all of them.

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