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Video: SCTE 224 Primer, Part 3: SCTE 224 In Action

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Stuart Kurkowski: To make all this work, it'd be nice if you had a platform that could manage all this SCTE stuff, right? Take in all this disparate data on the front end and work through that. When you can do that, then you can convey your full linear schedule. We're working with content providers as CTS where they're pushing now up to 14 days of information. We have a couple that are experimenting with 30 days. But trying to get that information out ahead of time, so that you can build those bits of information, and, along with that, define your audiences and things like that.

As I tell lots of people, I spend about a quarter of my time with the lawyers in the room, because when you start talking about this metadata transmission, a lot of it comes down to business agreements and how this gets played out on the execution side. It can get pretty complicated. By setting all this up they have an opportunity then to define those audiences, make sure the business folks are happy, the lawyers are happy, and then execute those rules.

The second bullet there is that I can get transitions and identify that alternate content. So I can keep eyeballs on my content. I can keep streaming them something. If they don't want the game, there might still be another show that they're used to seeing on my channel that I can now provide to them as an alternate and do that. Again, I can do it in advance.
Then the operation teams can make real-time changes. We know this isn't static stuff. Games run long. Games get rained out. All those kind of information need to be conveyed and controlled as well. Since it's all machine to machine, if you have an interface to work through that, you're allowed to edit it through those kind of changes and you can make those changes real-time.

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