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Video: OTT Content Aggregation and the Challenge of Discovery

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Watch the complete panel from OTT Leadership Summit, OTT101. 2019: The Year of Direct-to-Consumer Video Services?, in the Streaming Media Conference Video Portal.

Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Peggy Dau: When we think about these different streaming platforms, you're aggregating a lot of different forms, types of content, right? And broadcasters seem to think that they're not aggregators, cable providers seem to think that they're not aggregators, that they're a business but I'm sorry, they are aggregators. They create licensing agreements with multiple media organizations and what not to distribute out--

Rob Dillon: And that's what is called in my world,

Peggy Dau: it's actually not that different.

Rob Dillon: To explain to the layperson is that CBS doesn't own every show that runs on their network. Sony owns some, NBC owns some. And people don't get that. Traditionally broadcaster has been an aggregator for 60 years. And they have a hard time seeing that cable, spoke at a cable show last year, was very similar kind of feedback where as we're getting, we're the ones providing more of an a la carte environment and that just ends up being in silos. But do consumers want more silos or do they want aggregators? Do they want someone to show them like from my experience and I'm like what's that, time-poor and we've almost moved back to appointment watching. We know what we want to watch, what services it's on. We watch it like HBO we watch it when it's on even though we're actually watching BOD, we don't want the spoilers.

Peggy Dau: You've defined your appointment rather than somebody else defining your appointment, right? The traditional broadcast model is, they made the appointment for you. It was gonna be eight o'clock on a Friday night. Now that it can be at three o'clock in the morning, whenever there is two hours that you're home happen to occur. It's a personalized appointment now. That personalization is such a big piece of it. And that's where to me, I constantly I go like I'm happy to have somebody that knows AI on this panel because I think it's just like the guts of what's gonna make the future happen.

Ethan Dreilinger: Because it's about discovery, right. I watch "Billions" and "Veep" and I have to remember when it's on Showtime, when it's on HBO and it seems easy to remember but it really isn't.

Wes Dening: That's infuriating. Like is there a service where you can just and there probably is, so apologies. Probably talking to the room that's like, yeah, we've got that!

Ethan Dreilinger: I watch "Billions" and it's like, it directs you straight to Showtime or whatever it is or HBO that does "Billions."

Ethan Dreilinger: Right but, that's the kind that you need to, that's the addressable part of this in the discovery part that makes it so challenging because I can get to Showtime and watch "Billions" which is great and then, what am I gonna do next? I'm gonna go to HBO and watch "Veep." I'm not gonna necessarily sit on Showtime and watch something else, unless Showtime makes it really easy for me to watch whatever's next.

Stefan Van Engen: Or it serves you something that's relevant.

Ethan Dreilinger: Correct.

Peggy Dau: That's right, That's right.

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