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Video: Network Compliance Caveats for Social Media Streaming

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Tim Dougherty: Not every network wants you streaming to every other network. I think this is something that's developing. It may become a little looser as this use case continues to evolve, but ultimately you don't want that “this stream is no longer available,” or “this stream has been blocked” message. You want to make sure you go through the respective rules and expectations that these CDNs have for you using their service.

For example, Facebook would prefer--I think they actually require--that you stream to them and you can stream to your own website. Now, technically you can go multiple other places, so you're going to have to make a determination on which network you choose, to what extent you're going to honor the compliance, and my official suggestion is honor the compliance.

I was thinking about it. You get these incredible networks for free. Facebook, Twitch, if you stream to Twitch it's crystal clear. Periscope is a little wonky, but I mean, again, you're getting access to a global CDN for free versus perhaps using Akamai and other CDNs that certainly require a commercial contract.

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