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Video: Key Considerations for a Viable OTT Offering

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Greg Ferris: I think we talk a lot about content being king, and it definitely is. But, as we see, all these various needs from different consumers and varying SVOD services coming to market. I think what's really important is that we understand context.

What you may need may be very different depending on where you are, who you are, what you've done in the past. Not just on that own service, so if we talk about, for example, Netflix, and their recommendation service, it effectively takes into account what else you've done on Netflix. When we look at it at Fandango I think we apply, ultimately, your entire moviegoing history and your taste, whether it was in theater or at home, to help us inform what we think you might like when we're streaming on FandangoNOW, for example.

But also, you have to take into consideration, is it a weeknight? Is it a weekend? Are you looking for short form? Are you looking for longform? I know, personally, on a Wednesday, I won't watch anything over an hour and a half. It just doesn't fit into my schedule.

So, understanding not only who your user is, but what modality they're in. Are they looking for something they can settle in to? Is it something that contextually also has to fit in with what else they've watched in the past? For example, again, we'll sell Avengers tickets at a very large volume in these past several weeks.

Over the two weeks from the time you bought that ticket, the time that you're actually seeing it in theater, your experience on FandangoNOW is different. We're featuring content from the MCU, so if you wanna get caught up on Infinity War, that's front and center. That might not be there if you didn't buy a ticket to Endgame.

So understanding the context and the modality of the shopper--in our case, since we're transactional--but of the viewer, is critically important and going beyond just the recommendations based on what you've done on that platform.

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