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Video: Is SMPTE 2110 the Future of Sports Streaming?

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Jon Raidel: We're testing SMPTE 2110 for our next facility. We're not currently using it. One thing I will say when comparing it to SDI is, there's some validity to it. SMPTE 2110 does feel like SDI over another cable. Being from a younger generation, I kind of say, I look down at my watch. It's the year 2018.

Jack Lavey: So, can you use more than one SMPTE 2110 signal over one cable, or is it one to one?

Jon Raidel: Well, it depends on--

Philip Nelson: Fiber.

Jack Lavey: Oh, fiber. Okay. So, if you have one fiber network, how many SMPTE signals can you put over SMPTE 2110?

Philip Nelson: It's 10 gigs per stream.

Jack Lavey: And, how many ten gigs per stream? So if you have a fiber line, fiber line has...

Jon Raidel: It just depends on your network size. But what I was getting at is, I'm looking for a bigger jump in my lifetime and we're in a transition here where we have people that have lived through tape, analog video, the conversion to digital, the conversion from SDI now to IP. Back with analog video, everything was still linear. SDI is linear. IP video, for the first time, is now introducing nonlinear elements, and this is one of the biggest things that really drives me nuts. It's 2018 and we're about to--not we, as the NFL company, but as an industry--we're about to introduce a technology that's essentially SDI over an Ethernet cable, but the IP signal doesn't even support embedded alpha. Someone's saying, “Oh, I don't care about embedded alpha, I'm doing a video source. It's just full range video.”

But, all things considered, I have VIS-IP machines and, for those who don't understand a graphics source, it means a key in a fill signal. In a linear workflow, that's two video signals going to my switcher. That's two sources taking up, just for me, just for the TD to marry together and create the overlay graphics source. In an IP workflow, how aren't we progressing towards that source just coming with embedded alpha and taking up one source into your switcher and laying over. On top of that, how aren't we working towards a way to record that source with an embedded alpha for those who want to have a VIS-RT machine and record all those graphics with motion and record them as video clips to put into posts as embedded alphas? I just look at the year that we're in and I'm thinking how aren't we ten years in the future already?

Victor Borachuk: Look at audio and Dante and how that's changed. It's full-featured. Everything that you need that was on analog cables is now digital. That's where we need to get with video.

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