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Video: How to Use Rebuffering Metrics to Optimize Delivery

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Jon Alexander: So, as we think about how we optimize delivery on our network from the data that we're collecting, all of those that are service silos are able to process that down to pretty interesting view of rebuffering. From what we see, from what we've heard from all of our clients, rebuffering is the key QoE metric that our customers and their end users are looking at. As we focus on optimizing performance, rebuffering is the key metric we look at.

As we look across devices, we can see some pretty substantial variations in those devices so within our engineering teams where they're starting to get now into a very granular level. Two years ago we were looking more broadly at just DASH or just HLS and looking at how we optimize that traffic as a whole, by network, by metro, by country we're able to drill in at a network level, not only at a format level.

Where we're now at, we're drilling in further within that to individual device-level optimizations, which complicates the problem significantly but opens up some different avenues for us to improve the performance.

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