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Video: How to Reach an Audience in a Blended Content Delivery Ecosystem

The market for OTT video, as with all consumer content, is a moving target, as consumer tastes shift and vary not just in the type of content they want but how they want to consume it. As the ecosystem for content consumption expands and diversifies, OTT providers need to diversify their channel offerings as well, says Ben Miller of Sinclair Broadcast Group in this excerpt from his Streaming Media West 2016 presentation.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Ben Miller, Sinclair Broadcast Group: A lot of people look at broadcast television and at television in general from a distance and say, "Oh, television is over. It's done." It's not going anywhere actually. It's just shifting. The way it gets delivered is different, how people consume is different, but this is not new. It's changed many, many times. The cable revolution was huge. It changed the entire way things got distributed, it changed the entire monetary structure of the way the content was distributed and who benefited and how, and this is the same thing over again. I think what I've learned over the last two years is that the broadcast industry has been through this before, and they've seen it.

I work with people that were there for those shifts, and so to come in as the digital guy and understand how digital works and how digital has grown and to get the benefit of that, we see a lot of intersect. We say, "Look, there's things that we do well as a company." We produce more video, more owned and operated content than anyone on the planet today—2,200 hours a week of original content.

We collect probably 50 times that, that is high-quality, heavily produced, expensive to produce, shot in the studio, shot with satellite trucks, that never sees the light of day. When we look at that universe and we say, "What if we put that together with a really seamless digital distribution engine that can reach all the audience all the time, wherever they want, in exactly the ways they want?” We could have five times the business we have today someday. That's the driver. That's the hope, and it's also to say we're going to end up with blended ecosystem where people consume the content the way they want and that's what's evolving.

We can see it, we can see the trends. All we've got to do is lean into our core and worry about format, worry about how the content gets where it's going, how it's packaged to be tailored to the audience where they are. The massive driver for us is the audience has moved. If you want to address the whole audience, you can't be on one channel anymore. You have to be on every channel.

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