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Video: How to Maximize Reach With Niche Audiences on Social Video Platforms

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David Compton: Twitch is something that's very targeted. The Twitch viewer is used to either the game buffering or their signal buffering. I'm sure we've all experienced Twitch itself. Just not wanting to play nice that day, whether it's OBS, whether it's vMix, whether it's whatever you're using, but the thing that we look at is, it's a niche market. Everything we're doing in regards to social media, every game, every individual game, is a very specific market.

I can't expect 50,000 viewers for every video we do because the truth is most people in here probably have never heard of a game called Nevermore. It's a board game. It's out of print. A lot of fun, turn people into ravens, but for that I can't expect that video to generate what an Overwatch production we would do. Or, you know, when we did something for Evo. We expect that kind of view.

So, again, you have to kind of know what you're looking for and what we're expecting and what we kind of look at throughout on all the different platforms is repeat viewers. We're looking for consistency. So, did we get them the one time or are they coming back each weekend to watch the tournament? Are they coming back multiple times to watch the video? For us, it's a very organic and slow way, but that's the best way we can measure because, again, part of it is teaching people what they're watching.

A lot of people don't understand the E-Sport they're watching, the board game they're watching, whatever it is so part of our challenge is teaching them "Here's what you're looking for. Here's what's exciting." And so, our measurement, again, you just have to know what it is you're trying to accomplish with that and be okay if it's not Ryan's toy review and you don't have 54 million views for opening eggs.

Troy Witt: A lot of that I find for my clients and my production team will get disappointed in the view count sometimes. That goes to marketing your show. Right? I mean, it's really fairly straightforward to remind viewers that this is coming up. And then to remind them again that this is live because we all know, we're all busy and we forget. "Oh, right, I meant to watch that tonight at seven," but you were watching something else unless something pinged you to say "Hey, remember you wanted to watch that."

Claudia Barbiero: And I think that comes down to not just producing for the platformers, you guys were just touching on, but actually producing. That the live stream, you actually have to approach it like a typical linear television production. So simple things like setting the scene or the stage or if you're doing a remote, having a plan or a shot list or knowing where you're going to be within that space or event. And actually doing promotions before, during, and after. When you go live talk about what you're about to go live about and give people that 5, 10, 15 minutes to still tune in and engage.

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