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Video: How to Humanize the Video Conferencing Experience

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Steven McNellie: A fair number of people think about streaming as sending something out into the world, and I tend to think about it as a window in for you folks to join our experience. And so really, streaming is about bringing people closer to my experience.

When I think about incorporating videoconferencing, I tend to think about it the same way. I remember an epic fail a while back that I was advising someone against. They wanted to send out a VC call for like 10,000 people, and it was supposed to mute automagically, but that did not work. So it kept going up and up and up, and all of a sudden, we're trying to hit mute, and there's people, and babies crying in Spanish and Italian, and TVs in every language, and then the panel froze, and we couldn't even end the call. So you just had all these people waiting, and we failed to meet their expectations.

So that's where I incorporate VC. If there's a presenter or someone that needs to be speaking, we'll tend to bring them in on a VC call, and use streaming as our very one-to-many solution. We just had a case where our CFO was in Singapore, and our CEO was in San Francisco, and that was the perfect use case. We'll toss them up on IMAG, and then we'll put them through to the stream, we'll put the VC call on their confidence monitor, so everyone has this very human experience of being very close and connected with each other. And then our other biggest experience for incorporating VC is there's an engineering group in San Francisco and one in Seattle, and all we do is throw ... There's this graduation ceremony, and we throw the engineers hitting each other with these giant orca whales up in Seattle, but it makes people feel so connected, and so much part of a community.

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