Video: How Personalization is Revolutionizing OTT

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Targeting Your Audience

Laura Delcor: Over the last couple of years, we've been hearing about personalization and targeting your audiences, understanding your audiences and using interactivity and those technologies that can jibe, or can make those interactions possible. So what we're seeing here is that, that personalization is going to its peak at the moment. When we add the use of data to personalize but we also add artificial intelligence technologies so that we can generate content metadata. So that we can either generate more content, for example, sports highlights specific to the players that you like, the teams that you like. Then it's when we're getting more interaction and that's where we see the hyperpersonalization that we're seeing at the moment. So that you can build dynamic offerings.


Luke Dyer: The business model fundamentally changes as well. So in typical OTT fashion, you kind of adopted the old process of, where do you make money? You either make that from subscription. You make that from transactions or you make that from advertising. And advertising was more kind of the common model that most of the digital natives adopted in providing shortform content, preroll interstitial advertising. But now even, especially in low-latency cases, especially in cases like gaming you have ways of rewarding producers through digital bits.

Digital Transactions

We'll go into the cryptocurrency type of applications, but there's lots of other applications that are starting to gain attraction or adoption, high-priced emojis, high-priced stickers. You know sort of these digital transactions, the exchanging of digital goods and digital worlds. It's kind of another model that especially is influenced by gaming, but I think is starting to reach into other mobile applications and mobile gaming environments that not just eSports is adopting. So I think that's pushing it, but other people are getting ideas from those types of applications.

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