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Video: How Google Cloud Leverages Machine Learning

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Adam Handman: It's one thing to be able to go ahead and to deliver that content, and to get it out to all of the outlets, and all of the distribution places where folks expect to be able to watch it, but, how do you grow those eyeballs, and how do you make better content decisions?

Ultimately, it comes down to better leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence.

At Google, we're very, very big proponents of machine learning. It's starting to seep into all of our products that we have out there. I'm sure many of you are users of Google Photos, so you know that when you take a photo, and you automatically upload that into Google Cloud, it's starting to recognize faces, and where the content is, or what's in the content, and where it's taking place. If you're users of the latest Gmail, you’ll notice that as you're typing emails it's starting to auto-complete your sentences.

So machine learning is starting to seep into all of the products that Google has out there, and we see huge potential in what it can do for streaming. We're starting to integrate elements of machine learning into a lot of the various features and functionality that make up the Anvato platform.

We see a huge opportunity at every step of the workflow here: Leveraging machine learning to make better transcoding decisions, to automate live to VOD, to automated clipping, to enhance metadata, to be able to run the content through a speech-to-text engine, or a transcription service, to generate a text transcript that can enhance the metadata, to make better monetization decisions. Leveraging machine learning to be able to serve up a more targeted ad.

We see a lot of potential here, and over the next year we're going to be seeing more and more machine learning aspects getting integrated into our video streaming products.

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