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Video: How Does the Rise of Facebook Live Affect Other Streaming Platforms?

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Read the transcript of this clip:

Rob Dillon: From a traditional broadcaster, we have a love/hate with Facebook. I know you and I are probably old enough to remember hating the AOL walled garden.

Anil Jain: Thank you for that by the way.

Rob Dillon: And now we had turned around and we backed to a walled garden with Facebook, but to survive we have to play in that arena. The best example I can give you of the love/hate we have with Facebook is the day you brought up Facebook Live, the day it was announced that you could professionally send to Facebook Live to an endpoint. My boss sent me that, and I was messing around with it and I'm not a huge fan of Facebook but we play nice, and so I was mad and I'm sitting there 10:00 at night, my boss wants to know how this works.

There weren't any real instructions but I figured it out. Started streaming WGN in Chicago's newscast, their 10:00 newscast, we were the first newscast ever on Facebook Live, live. My boss looked at it, said, "Great job, don't ever do that again."

Claudia Page: The way we think about the threat of all of these other emerging, not only just the emerging platforms, but the big two, we think about the B2B business, first, and having to enable our partners to effectively distribute to those platforms, giving them the right CMS tools that are mobile first, that are focused on allowing to preview what your content will look like, allowing you to create the right level of content or engaging content for each of those platforms.

Again, that takes eyeballs away from our own platform, too, so there's a little bit of a trade-off that we have to focus on in terms of building the right strategy for our own platform as well as enabling our partners to distribute their content effectively at cost, the distributed networks, as well as, all of their distribution deals.

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