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Video: How Does Rich Content Delivery Performance Impact Revenue?

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Greg Kushmerek: You can measure conversion rates based on performance and you can also see a higher rate of customer satisfaction, which will then mean higher brand loyalty. This allows you to start to build barriers to entry. You have differentiation now. If you have a faster site, one that's responsive, whether it's on desktop or mobile, now you have a site that becomes sticky. People go to you when they get a pattern. That whole thing about branding is actually forming a pattern around something people trust. Buy the product, come back to the product. Get the stickiness going.

And there's lots of numbers out there that show this. This one number here you see comes from the Aberdeen Group: one-second delay in page load time, 7% loss in conversions. Add a second, conversions drop. 11% fewer page views as well. And then a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Of course, there's some point, because if you read it on the internet it has to be true, this is one of those numbers I've seen around a few places so who knows where it really came from, originally I saw a study from Kissmetrics. They said that the same number 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, but they also noted that 47% of customers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, two seconds or less they expect it to load. Everyone's on their phones now. Everyone's on too much coffee. They expect it all now. And 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

It's kind of the way it is. So you're kind of at a hostage point, aren't you? You got to deliver it fast but you have to deliver rich content. Well we actually see this translate into revenue. We convert people over. We say, "Come on aboard with us and we'll actually show you that you'll get more revenue when we are able to accelerate your site." You see here, this 2.5% increase for just a 0 to 15% improvement in performance, they probably had some optimizations not doing too badly, and then you see it just grows. 46 to 50% improvement in performance, 8.5% improvement in revenue.

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