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Video: How Can CDNs Become More Efficient As Scale Increases?

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Gautier Demonde: We know that there is a raise in the lowest price because more people are using CDNs, and people are becoming more savvy buyers. Does that affect, in any way, the decisions that you're making in terms of R&D, in terms of innovation, knowing that cost is still going to be a deciding factor for customers to purchase? Or do you, on the opposite, find that technology allows you to be more efficient with the architecture, and therefore, add more value as well as keeping costs lower?

Ryan Korte: We're not quite there, probably. But the question around what keeps you up at night, right? The thing that keeps us thinking is, as you grow the network, the opportunity to be inefficient is equal to being efficient. So if you think about what I mean by that, I mean, as we grow traffic, if we don't understand how the service provider networks, the downstream eyeball networks are architected, we can actually make decisions that actually make it worse and make it less efficient. If we understand that and we do a good job, then we make it more efficient, and our costs hopefully come down, as well, and performance goes up.

We are constantly looking to make our network more efficient with the quality level, as well. The most efficient way to do this would be to centralize it, and the quality would be really terrible.

As we get deeper, what keeps me up and keeps us thinking is: How do you make it efficient and cost-effective? Which are probably aligned. I think there are going to be times when, obviously, certain eyeball networks make a change. These networks are also adaptive and changing every day.

Most of the CDNs, whether you build your own by having your own network and architect your own, there are so many dynamics going on underneath that you control and don't control. You're reacting to them a lot, so that's the big part of it. React to it. Make it as efficient as you can. Measure where you're inefficient, and then, make it efficient again.

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