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Video: Does Uniformity Across Different Platforms Enhance Your Media App's Reach?

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Allan Isfan: There's a debate in the industry around the question of whether an app should feel like a Roku app or feel like an Apple app, or should it feel like a Brand X app across the board? What's your view on that? What is it that you're trying to achieve?

Karina Kogan: Well, we're trying to do a lot of things, and some of them compete with each other, so on the one hand, we want to be efficient. We need our products to scale. We want our features to scale, but not every device is the same, and obviously, so right now, we obviously use You.i to help us scale our apps across multiple devices, but we continue to build unique features into specific platforms.

For example, connected devices are really great for watching video, but there's not much else you can do on them, so where we need to build, for example, for our show on TBS called Snoop Dogg Presents the Joker's Wild, we built an interactive game where you could play along with the Joker's Wild.

You can't play the Joker's Wild on Roku. That's in our mobile app. It's not on an AppleTV or Amazon Fire, so we are building specific features into specific apps that are unique to the capabilities of those products. Where there is the opportunity for some ubiquity, that's where we build enterprise features.

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