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Video: Cloud vs On-Prem for Live Encoding and Enterprise Video

What are the key factors in determining whether to deploy a cloud/SaaS solution, on-prem, or hybrid strategy for live encoding and enterprise video? According to Joe Arena, SVP of Advanced Services at Yorktel, number of viewers and storage requirements are important considerations when choosing an enterprise video platform, as is having multiple tiers for customer/client access to the videos you offer.

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Read the full transcript of the clip above:

Joe Arena: You never get a second chance for a live event. Depending on who is the presenter at that live event, they do not want that event to fail. They're so many layers, and so many places, where that live event can fail. That's why we talk about requirements, and that's why talk about making sure that there's a proper support model in place.

We did talk about cloud today, and cloud has a lot of definitions. I think if we asked everybody to define cloud on the way out, leave a piece a paper, we'd get 52 different answers. There's a lot of folks out there who'd say, "I'll just go ... Like a business person would say, "I'll just go to this cloud provider. I'll go to On24 and they'll just stream the event.", and that might work. It might work for the small event.

Number of viewers will definitely matter in a live situation. That's when their IT people can be your friend. Understanding that network layer. Understanding the integration into active directory, if you want to have certain content available to certain people based on certain groups. That's where the management aspects of that platform is critical, because you start to build a ton of content, and before you know it, you have hundreds of thousands of videos that either have to go end-of-life and have to be deleted, or can only be seen by certain groups of people. It's eating up storage. Who's paying for that? There's all those elements that you want to be considerate of. I think the big message is, no matter who you are in the organization, I saw hand go up for that, that are business folks, and you have your certain set of requirements, everybody's got an IT person. You two have to work together and make this thing a success. Otherwise, it could be a disaster.

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