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Video: Choose a Social Media Network That Aligns With Your Streaming Content

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Tim Dougherty: You really do need to have a strategy in this. When you're aiming at everything, you're hitting nothing. That's not necessarily true if you have a strategy, but sometimes you can get so excited about the fact that your stream is syndicated everywhere that you don't realize it can be a little messy. It can be a little rough. You want to think about the user experience. You want to think about the interaction. You want to think about moderation.

If you're an organizing that's trying to capture people for the purposes of the organization, business, sales, however you're approaching your strategy, another thing that's important is choosing a network that aligns with your content. If you are known in the video streaming industry, as an expert, like Robert Reinhardt, and you have a whole bunch of material on your YouTube site that is highly technical, highly industry oriented. Then, you push a stream there of you surfing at Huntington Beach, there's going to be a little bit of, "Huh?"

You may like the attention, and that may be an extreme example, but you want to make sure that if you're on Facebook, you're doing Facebook kind of stuff. If you're on Twitch, which is an incredible gaining platform, you're doing Twitch kind of stuff. Then Periscope, which is also very interactive, YouTube, etcetera. Again, this session isn't necessarily a journey on the philosophy or the methodology in putting together a strategy, but I do want to offer that as a caveat. If you're aiming at everything, you might not be hitting everything. You do need to have a strategy on that.


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