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VR and the Future of Live Streaming

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Mark Alamares: There's a lot pointing towards the AR VR, Mr. And then under the whole umbrella of XR, type of productions. Obviously, everyone's seen some of the virtual production in the Mandalorian, which has caused quite a bit of an uproar in the virtual production field, but I'm seeing more utilization of video game engines, such as Unreal, to create an experience where you could bring in various inputs and speakers virtually from around the world. We've done several productions that utilize that, and I'm seeing the investment of companies putting quite a bit of dollars into creating these virtual studios. We have a studio in Burbank, and especially in the surrounding area, there have been quite a bit of studios looking to install walls, camera tracking systems, and so forth.

So I see that the gaming industry will influence how production will be executed in the very near future, because a revolution is happening now where we're having to replicate and simulate a lot of the environments or stages as well as other types of places where you attended events that were live. But now, since you're not able to do that, you have to do that in a virtual environment. So that's where I see a lot of technology and investment and interest going into right now at the moment.

Casey Charvet: So what do you think about virtual talent?

Mark Alamares: You asked the right person. I've been a video game developer for many years and I think there is a fantastic market for virtual characters. There's also been a large growth of what they call VTubers in Japan--virtual influencers, and I will absolutely say that that will be the future for entertainment. The tools are getting a lot easier. Unreal just launched something called MetaHuman Creator, where you could create your own character, and the quality that is being delivered is just phenomenal.

So, virtual characters, virtual talent, VTubers will absolutely be something that will be commonplace in, hopefully, the very near future, since the tools have just become much easier for the development and creation of original content and characters.

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