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Two Approaches to Streaming Localization

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Corey Smith: So there's kinda two different approaches we take for localization. I'll touch on the Overwatch one and then, I'll cut back to BlizzCon. So Overwatch, typically, it's been done in North America here, in Burbank, so it's English for show. Next year, it'll be in a local. If it's in South Korea, the show will originate in Korean. And then we'll localize it to English here in the United States, so that's kind of a different touch of a localization piece.

But last year, in how we kinda scale our global distribution is we essentially take our clean feeds, send them to local providers in key areas that are partners, they'll actually put their own spin on the show, put their dirty flavor of it, and then, restream it back to us, so we can offline record it, check QC, and then, QA it back out to our distribution channels. So we'll send a live stream all the way to Korea. They'll send it back to us and then, we'll basically line record it and then, redistribute it back to Twitch on their behalf. That's just one workflow.

So last year, we had six different regional partners that we used; Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, and Chinese, so six, plus English, is seven. For BlizzCon, last year, we did eight languages live, English being the eighth language, and then, we had seven regional languages. But that was all done UN-style voice translation at the actual Anaheim Convention Center, so we actually took our video feed with English up to the third floor of the convention center. 32 translators were sitting in iso booths, speaking their native language back into the broadcast. We send that back down, remuxed it back into the feed with clever embedding, and before it even hit the ground encoders to go to cloud.

Last year, we actually did the same thing, but the translators were actually offsite in Valencia, California. So we actually sent the feed via Skype of all things to that regional localized partner and they sent us back all of the audio streams and we kinda did the re-embed just like we had done the previous years, so that's one way of us scaling multi-layer.

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