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The Current State of CMAF Adoption

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John Simmons: We did send out a CMAF Industry Forum survey. It's not published yet, but I got permission to share some of it. This map shows where the respondents to the survey came from. And here are a couple of examples of things that were said. Here's some data on CMAF usage, plans, and transports today. You can see that there's a significant number of people said they don't, but there are even more people who say they are using CMAF today. And then you can see that they're using CMAF with both DASH and HLS. That's a third of the people today. But if you look at where they're going in the future, you can see that this is going to change significantly. People who are not yet using it are moving to using CMAF with HLS and DASH in significant numbers. So I think the important thing to take away from this is that practically everyone who's doing HLS is moving to CMAF, and the DASH industry is moving to CMAF.

On the encryption mode question, we asked people which encryption mode are you using, and to Jan's comment earlier about common encryption, it was actually very interesting that 34% say they're using both cbcs and cenc, but there are quite a few who are also using cbc1, which is just pure cbc without the skip mode. And we think that the reason for this is legacy devices. There are many legacy devices, although play-ready today, that do support cbcs mode. And so all new play-ready devices and new play-ready applications support cbcs mode. Legacy devices, many of them in hardware, only support counter motors cenc.

So that's one of the reasons why we're seeing in this survey still quite a wide variety of different encryption modes being supported. I really encourage you to go to the CMAF Industry Forum website. I'm not sure of the date, but we'll be posting there the complete report, which was much more extensive than the few slides that I've shared here showing exactly what what we've seen is the adoption rate of CMAF as well as responses on the use of HTML5.

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