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The Case for Live Stream Monitoring

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Anupama Anantharam: Why monitor? Firstly, we all know that OTT is well on its way to become the dominant delivery platform. Most of us are already subscribe to some streaming media services, and there is not only that, now, the demand for live events is also increasing. People are spending lot more time and a lot more money on watching live events. Just this year, we've heard so many big media companies announce their streaming packages, so basically, there is a boost in the demand for live-streaming.

And along with all these needs of the customers, one of the main requirements for them is that the quality of the content should be very good. They are used to broadcast TV-quality video, and they expect the same thing in the streamed content, as well. There is pretty much consensus in the industry. There is so much retail research that's been done now that basically says that yes, interesting content is very important, but even more important than that is the quality of the content.

So no matter how good the program that you're watching is, if the video does not look good, if the picture quality's not very good, if there are audio/video sync problems, for example, audio lags a video or visa versa, or the closed captions that accompany the video is not properly aligned with the speech, all these make for a very bad user experience, and the people are going to be put off. Your content is not going to be watched as much.

So the video quality of your content is extremely important. And that's why the media companies that are now beginning to offer streamed services are wanting to make sure that they offer a really good quality of service experience to their customers.

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