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Survey Says: New Trends Emerge in Entertainment Media Consumption

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Brett Sappington: There is an erosion of television and movies as the primary entertainment source. But what we also saw is they're still number one, still a big part of entertainment for young consumers. And that's because that's where a lot of entertainment content comes from is, if you look in gaming, you get a lot of bleed over from video entertainment into Game of Thrones, Harry Potter. You get a lot of those things bleeding over, but you also get a lot of bleed over the other way, where you have Arcane, which is a show on Netflix, where you get a number of other games that are now becoming part of entertainment.

Beyond fragmentation--so in streaming services for many years, we've talked about how video services have been fragmented from traditional TV into streaming services. So there's now all this multitude of streaming services, but we're now seeing in the next generation that there's another level of fragmentation. So it's new video formats and types. So now we're looking at short form. So it's not just the 30-minute program or the one-hour program. It's fragmented into different types of video now. So it could be live streaming. It could be short-form video. It's all of these other alternatives that consumers now want.

So that's a different type, a different facet of fragmentation that we're seeing and different types of content. Now it's not just entertainment. Absorption of content is not just video. It's now broken out into all of these other ways of storytelling, and understand that gaming is a type of storytelling. Podcasts are a type of storytelling; audio books and other types. So you have all of these types of content consumption, but you now you have this different level and different type of fragmentation than we're used to talking to young consumers.

What are we seeing from what they're consuming? They're more interactive. They're expecting interactivity. Where are we seeing that? You see that with Netflix and others, adding interactive video content to where you can choose your own adventure, you can do those things. So we're seeing an attempt there, with young consumers--they want more community. So more and more we're seeing that they want not just to watch themselves, but they want others to watch with them. They want to participate in a community that is a fan of a particular content type or a particular type of asset. They want it to be immersive. So it's not just watching the show, but how they can absorb that content from as many different angles as they can.

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