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Power Consumption and Edge Delivery

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Greg Jones: As we think about telco and these CDNs that'll run on a telco edge, you start getting into the NEBS compliance and those types of issues. So now your power or your operating environment all start making a really interesting package that you have to pay attention to. So certainly we've seen transistor sizes and such go down. That helps with the power consumption. But the workload that sits at the edge in those small data centers that don't necessarily have the best environments--those workloads will be really valuable there. They'll have to be very highly tuned for a footprint that has to be well managed. There's not a lot of space in those racks. There's not a lot of cooling in those racks, and you're going to have to be performing even in really dire conditions.

So you can, you can take your GPU, and it can do a heavy workload. But if something goes wrong, it has to throttle down and still be able to deliver telco services. So this power environment ratio that you'll see in the edge compute nodes, whether they're on a cell tower or in a small data center, fibered into different towers. It's going to be a really interesting ratio of power and cooling--and electricity, for that matter. So I guess it's a brand new world, and I think we'll see new configurations come up over the next ten years to really address that density that will have to show up in those data centers.

Nehal Mehta: And it's all about density. Not one solution is going to win out. Different customers have different kinds of requirements, based on the kind of workload they are running. There are so many emerging use cases in edge computing that it's hard to say that one solution will fit everything. So we work very closely with service providers to identify which offerings would be best suited to their needs.

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