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NASCAR Drive and the Second-Screen Fan Experience

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Kiran Paranjpe: One of the fan experiences I came to learn about, was, you know, renting the radio sets and having sort of, a second listening experience while you're at the race. The NASCAR Drive app has a second-screen experience for at-home or on-the-go viewing. How do you think about that as a complement to your experience and how to measure success for an app like that?

Brendan Reiley: So that's, pretty funny you should mention that. 'Cause I think our audiences and our live events have actually been using the second-screen experience for 20 years now, Like you said, they'll rent headphones and listen to the scanners, so they can listen to the spotters, the crew chief, and their favorite drivers.

So, enhancing that live experience. You know, NASCAR races are crazy right? We have, that sounds right and you experienced this Kiran. You know, when you're near a race car and it's going 180 miles an hour, the air is displaced around you. You have the smell of the gas, the smell of all the burnt rubber. So with NASCAR Drive, we really tried to give the audience something unique for them, and their at-home experience and we do that across, actually, mobile web and app. By giving them access to our driver's in-car cameras.

So, you know, imagine riding shotgun with your favorite driver and feeling that experience that they have. You know, hearing the sound and seeing what they see. Trying to give our users something really unique that they can, you know, make their experience even better. I had, you know, one experience with NASCAR Drive myself. It was actually last year, at the Charlotte Roval. It was the last lap of the Charlotte Roval, last turn of the last lap. My favorite driver, Ryan Blaney, was in third place. So I was actually using the app at home. I was using the TV, using the app and we actually had a 360 rig in his car that day. So that's kind of the cool thing about NASCAR. We have so much access to our drivers. So, you know, we have permission to put a 360 rig in his car and, I remember watching that last lap, two drivers in front of him. Martin Truex and Jimmy Johnson wrecked and, you know, I was watching on the TV, seeing it happen and kind of freaking out, then I started scrolling my phone around, watching these guys wreck. Then I scroll back around and see my driver fist-pumping and it was just an awesome experience, like that was the one time I saw, you know, our product in the way that maybe a fan sees it. I was really proud of it.

We measure success by feedback-- By, you know, seeing our views grow and our revenue grow from it.

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