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Localization and the Future of the Streaming Ecosystem

Streaming localization is not just about delivering content to multiple regions; it’s about “opening up the world,” according to Quincy Olatunde, VP, Products Direct-to-Consumer, NBCUniversal/Peacock TV, who explains why he believes streaming localization is so critically important in this clip from his Streaming Media Connect 2023 keynote conversation with Media Universe Cartographer Evan Shapiro, CEO, ESHAP.

“When you look out across the ecosystem now, sitting from that kind of crossroads of product, data, content, business models, that kind of global look, what excites you most?” Shapiro asks Olatunde. “What are the landmark achievements that you expect to come out in the next couple of years, or the new products that you think are going to launch, or new content that you think is going to light the world on fire?

Olatunde cites localization as one aspect he is most excited about. “Not just only…from the local [perspective], but the education that brings along with it, really opening up the world. The more you understand communities, cultures, and groups, the more tolerant you become. The more tolerant we become, the better our laws are to be more inclusive, and that's one of the things that I love about media,” he says. He emphasizes that during the pandemic, the consumption of “mindfulness content” increased. “You've got masterclasses that are happening, teaching people about different cultures, how filmmaking is happening with different cultures, how different idiosyncrasies affect different things. Again, that is what I'm excited about the opportunity. I'm a third culture kid, so growing up in different countries and stuff, so that is a passion for me.”

“I love that! ‘Third culture kid,’” Shapiro says. “We've talked about this before, but explain that really quickly.”

“A third culture kid is a kid who grew up or partly grew up in diverse cultures in different countries,” Olatunde says. “I'm Yoruba, so I was partly [from] Nigeria and also England [and] schooled in the States.”

Shapiro says, “And that culture collision is going to wind up being an important part of the conversation on a moving forward basis.”

“Right,” Olatunde says. “It’s where the world is going.” He mentions that it was very important to his parents that he and his brothers were in a position to “navigate that and have more tolerance with different cultures, with different people…and that's where we are going. So technology is helping us advance with lightning speed."

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