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Is the COVID OTT Bump Sustainable?

Watch the complete panel from Streaming Media East Connect, "Is Too Much Choice No Choice at All?" on the Streaming Media YouTube channel.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Matt Rivet: I want to talk a little bit about that bump from COVID. Sherry. do you think it's going to remain and why or why not? And what have you seen OTT services doing to I retain it? Or what do you think they will do to retain customers post-COVID?

Sherry Brennan: Well, first of all, I certainly hope that the bump does not remain because if it does, that means we're all stuck at home., But I do think there's probably a shift in market share and I believe that will be retained. People are discovering new services to some degree, discovering new shows they want to follow. I do think that will probably continue. I think that was a natural and inevitable evolution anyway. And I think this probably just accelerated it, that people are becoming more aware of having more choice.

I do think with more choice comes a little bit of paralysis. That's where brand matters and that's where knowing what to expect when you go into a particular service is gonna matter. I think there's an opportunity in that space for niche services that you're starting to see grow a little bit more to harvest smaller, but dedicated and loyal and less-churn audiences.

Randa Minkarah: I do agree with Sherry that the bump will decline. First of all, as soon as we're allowed out of our houses, I think the doors will be thrown open and people will burn out, but they will come back at night for their entertainment. All of these new launches are going to allow people to sample and they're going to sample.

And so keeping them is going to be the trick, right? The brand will bring them in, the name will bring them in, the library will bring them in. It's the keeping them that's going to end up being the longterm play. And I think that the higher-level streaming will remain and the cord-cutting will remain. As a shorter answer. I do think the cord-cutting is going to continue and it's even more facilitated by all of these launches.

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