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How to Make National OTT Advertising More Addressable

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Scott Worthem: Through linear set-top box, right now, the technology allows it to store more ads and there's more selection, but more addressable is good for everybody because it will make ads more relevant for everybody.

As I think we mentioned earlier, personalization down to an uncomfortable level is really not what the TV experience is meant for because it's household-driven, and it's also meant for a mass audience so there are other platforms that work well with that, but as it relates to the broadcast, whether we are talking local broadcast like NBC local L.A. or national cable network broadcast, there's still 80% percent of the minutes, or about 14 minutes an hour that they still have that they're just sending one ad out to everybody in the market or nationally.

And so what we've been seeing more of and what we're working with, almost everybody in this panel as well as the industry, is trying to help those networks either connected TV through those providers or in something like Or, or those who are working through linear set-top box to be able to do addressable advertising and still be able to give them a national rating.

For instance, if you are ESPN running a national broadcast, if you want to go Zev's company or to Kumal's or Brett's, you want to do an addressable ad. They can cover 30% of the country, 25% of the country, but your ad is still running to the rest of the country that doesn't have an addressable advertisement. So being able to a company like ours who knows the full inventory and can pull out that piece to still give a rating helps ESPN be able to sell its ad nationally and still allow it to be relevant and addressable where it's possible.

And I think whether it's connected TV through Project Or or linear set-top box optimization, you're going to see more and more of that because it's in everyone's best interest to make a better experience for consumers and to help the industry be able to optimize the ads it shows.

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