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How to Improve the OTT Sports Streaming Experience

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Moe Hamdhaidari: For a sport to continue to grow, and for people to continue to consume sport content through an OTT platform, there's a couple of things that needs to happen. And, the first one of those is that you need to get the venue to the fans as soon as possible. Now, those of you that were here yesterday might have heard me say, but there is now an expectation and there's been a lot of talk around low latency.

But, there is an expectation that, as soon as the goal goes in, the fans at home know about it, be it on linear TV or on your screen. It's not good being 30 seconds behind on an OTT platform anymore. I think the second aspect is giving controls for the live experience. What do I mean by that?

Well, 65% of people in a recent survey in the US said that they would like to control the output and select what cameras they view live sport from. That's not difficult to do. That's very straightforward. That's all in the user experience and in the design of the OTT platform. So, giving person X the ability to change the cameras around. I mean that's a very simple thing, but I think it will change the way that content is consumed. Thirdly, connect the fans to the superstars.

So, what do I mean by this? Well, look, we talked about emotion. We talked about how people are attracted to sport. But, actually let's not forget the superstars of the game. Let's not forget that people will follow a certain player from one team to another. In a soccer club that I mentioned that I worked at, we saw a huge uptake in following when people would come to the club from countries that would follow him.

So, start thinking about some original content. Start thinking about how you can show what we call behind-the-ropes content. Content that you can't get anywhere else. The fourth point really is to make it as accessible as possible, or as frictionless as possible. So, what do I mean by this? I'll go back to the $5, $6 a month thing that everybody pays. And this is a concept that we're kind of toying with that we are working with some of our clients and we're calling it PSVOD Premium Subscription. So, have some content that's free or have the majority of your content that's free, but the rest of it can be bought at a lower rate, or micro-payments.

The NBA toyed with this. Buy the last quarter for a dollar. Brilliant, I'll do that. So, why not think about this concept of premium where the majority of the content is free. That will help your sport brand grow, but look at it and then think about advertising within that. But equally then have content that's locked behind a paywall. And finally, the last point really is an all in compassing marketing strategy.

So, we've seen a lot of people who will focus on the OTT, but they won't necessarily think about the other digital touchpoints. That can't work. As a user, if I'm getting bombarded by varying things from the same entity, then I'm gonna get turned off. So, think about an all-encompassing hyper-personalized marketing strategy that can help your OTT platform and your sport brand grow. Because that's fundamentally how people will consume the content.

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